Backyard Puzzle Box

You’re gonna need somewhere to put your stuff!

During the Adventures at your place activity series you will be exploring your backyard and your local bushland or creek/river. You may be asked to research, observe, experiment and collect things that help you discover and learn about your piece of the landscape puzzle.

Our first activity is to make a Backyard Puzzle Box that represents ‘your place’. This is where you can keep some of your work or the things you find and collect.



Things you will need

  • a box (or materials to make one with help from an adult)
  • glue
  • tape
  • scissors
  • pencils and texta’s
  • paper
  • paints
  • camera or phone, small containers for gathering stuff


What’s in your backyard?

Step 1 

Find a spare unused box from around your house. The box can be made from anything you like but it must be suitable to decorate and around 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. If you like to make things, use other materials to build a box.

Step 2 

Go out into your backyard (or somewhere in your local area) and find materials that represent ‘your place’. Collect small amounts of materials (in little containers) or document them by drawing, painting or photographing them. These materials are the pieces of the puzzle that make up your place.

Step 3 

Bring your materials back to a suitable workspace. 

Step 4 

Decorate your box. You can stick or glue materials to the sides or sketch/draw/paint images and words that represent your place.

Use your Backyard Puzzle Box to store anything that you need when continuing the ‘Adventures at your place’ activity series.


Send us a photo of your creation

With parent/guardian permission, submit a photo of your creation and it could be displayed on the website and the Hunter Local Land Services Facebook page.