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Kids driving you crazy? Pulling your hair out trying to find ways to occupy them?

Hunter Local Land Services is here to help! Adventures at your Place is a series of fun activities for kids to undertake in their own backyard. Hunter Local Land Services is posting a new activity every week to help kids explore their backyard or local bushland or creek/river. Kids may be asked to research, observe, experiment and collect things that help you discover and learn about your piece of the landscape puzzle.  So, get everyone on board and enjoy your backyard together!

Every Bit Counts

Every Bit Counts is a program operating in the North Coast, Hunter Region, Greater Sydney and South East. Part of the program includes raising awareness of how caring for our land, water resources, wildlife and biosecurity is a shared responsibility and EVERY BIT we can do to improve our region COUNTS towards protecting it for the future. This means that each small action or step is important and is a positive contribution to creating healthy, productive landscapes.

Currently the Every Bit Counts program is working with PeeKdesigns education consultants to deliver Enviro-Stories across the region with a number of schools. Now, they are working together to help kids learn about and investigate their own backyards.

You can read hundreds of books online with your kids, including the Every Bit Counts books written and illustrated by Hunter region students.

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